Maintenance Oldtimers

Maintenance means assured endurance. A maintenance service not only includes oil refreshment but full lubrication of all components that need to be oiled.

Consequently, all parts subject of wear must be checked and replaced if needed.

Furthermore, this is the ideal moment to determine other potential irregularities such as damaged tires, damage of paint or rubble coating preventing rust , fixations of any crucial part getting loose. The device prevention is better than cure is also applicable in this situation.



For vehicles newly presented in our workshop, we kindly propose to edit a check list. This check list consist of seven pages and filling in generates a clear impression of the general condition of the vehicle.

Each point on the check list consists of four possible evaluations : good, to follow up, to be replaced/repaired or dangerous. The degree of urgency can be different for each point and is decisive for planning potential interventions.